My Block

162 cm x 48 cm x 36 cm
Acrylic, clothes, All Star sneakers, caps, t-shirts, prints,
Le Corbusier quote (book “Manière de Penser L’Urbanisme, p57),
painting, pencil, oil stick, light neon.

Outfit of the day

74” x 30,7” x 19,6”
Acrylic, spray paint, pencil, oil sticks, paper, painted cardboard shoeboxes,
painted leather shoes, dyed garments,
printed reproduction pasted on a painted closet and tv with a short film video

State of Emergency (Public Sculpture)

236 x 63 x 67 in
Paint and ashes on wood, paper, plastic, metal and concrete, found obects burnt

You Shot Me In The Back but There will be no blood...

10, 2 x 9,44 x 1,18 in
Acrylic painting on polyester mesh, quote from Emile Zola in L'Aurore Newspaper (1898)

Social Status (Street Credibility)

Variable dimensions
Paper pasted on cardboard, acrylic, pencil

"Steal" Life

Variable dimensions
Acrylic, oil painting sticks, collage, marker on canvas, plastic and paper,
wood sculpture built with metal with printed reproduction on papers hung

Earth Mercy Me

Variable dimensions
Acrylic, collage, marker on canvas and speakers playing a poem